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  • Ajvatovica tour
  • Ajvatovica is the largest Islamic traditional, religious and cultural event in Europe.

    Arrival to Sarajevo. Transfer and accommodation at the hotel. After small break, we will have a short meeting of the group

    After that, a sightseeing tour of Old town in Sarajevo – Baščaršija. The walking through Old Town begins from the City Hall, most representative building of the Austro-Hungarian period in Sarajevo.

    During the last war, 1992-1995, City Hall was burned. Still not fully recovered.

    The beautiful Otoman style mosques and oriental architecture in the old quarter still maintain an authentic style of Turkish carsija. Sightseeing of old town includes visit to Gazi-Husrev bey's Mosque and Clock Tower, (built 1530.) most famous mosque from the period of the Ottoman Empire in Bosnia and Herzegovina; Coopersmiths street, one of the oldest streets in Sarajevo, and the Sebilj, wooden fountain built by Mehmed-pasha Kukavica in 1753.

    Baščaršija - view from the Sebilj

    Gazi-Husrev bey's Mosque with the Clock Tower

    View on the Coppersmith Street and one of the stores with traditional handcrafts

    At the same quarter you will see the Emperor’s Mosque (first mosque built in Sarajevo 1462.), Latin bridge - the northern end of the bridge was the site of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria which causes First World War.

    Emperor's Mosque - first mosque built in Sarajevo 1462.

    Latin Bridge (or Princip Bridge) in Sarajevo, the location where Gavrilo Princip assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914. and sparked First World War.          

    The Catholic Cathedral, Ortodox Church are near by  and  Markale market, a place known for Markale massacres.During the war 1992-1995. on this spot were killed and wounded hundreds of people, innocent citizens of the city Sarajevo.

    Catholic Cathedral is in the center of Sarajevo and near by is Orthodox Church.

    Overnight at hotel.


    After breakfast, head towards city Prusac, a small town in central Bosnia, known for the Ajvatovica - one of the oldest pilgrimage of Bosniaks-Muslims in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    According to legend, before the arrival of Dedo Ajvaz, Prusac had no water supply - there was barely enough water for the villagers. An old man and a devoted Muslim, Dedo Ajvaz, decided to pray for water. Dedo Ajvaz prayed for 40 days at a large rock. On the 40th morning, following his prayers, Dedo Ajvaz dreamt that two white rams collided and split the rock. From the gap created by the split, water began to flow. From that spot water continues to flow from beneath the earth and Muslims come here to give thanks. 

    The Ajvatovica program lasts whole day. In the morning it's time for sabah prayer (Fajr prayer) under the open sky. After that all people are going to the Dedo Ajvaz rock. In front of all of them, one men carries his flag (bajrak) All people passing through the big rock, and after that it's time for prayer (Zuhr prayer) and special lecture about this event.


    Overnight at the hotel in Sarajevo.



    After breakfast, check out. Sightseeing of Source of river Bosna (Vrelo Bosne) one of the most famous scenes of natural beauty in the region. You can walk through the long avenue or take a carriage.

    Often, on the Source of river Bosna you can see swans.

    Carriages await guests

    Visit to the Tunnel of Hope which purpose in the war 1992 - 1995. was to connect Sarajevo with the world. On this way, the town was survived.

    House where the tunnel was hidden. Tunnel of Hope (inside)

    Transport to the airport. End of journey.


    Offer includes: Two overnights in 4* hotel (B&B)
                              Transportation in high quality vehicles
                              Shuttle service to and from the airport
                              Tax and insurance

    Please note that prices vary according to the number of guests, season and period stayed.

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